Improve Your Customer Engagement by 300%

Reduce Your Support Cost by 80%

Increase Your Acquisition by 100%

Why You Need FAQ...

Build a FAQ page around your brand, department or product. Provide answers to common questions, even when you're not around.

Share Knowledge

Share knowledge about your brand or product in the form of questions and answers or Articles.

Reduce Support Cost

80% of the product support is Q&A why to handle them at the helpdesk, make them available via searchable FAQ.

Improve SEO

Q&A or Articles present on your domain improves the brand visibility and SEO ranking.

Show Expertise

Earn trust by demonstrating product expertise and delight customers by creatively answering their questions.


Why to Have a BOT...

Customers don't know FAQ existance, don't know how to search and they just want quick answers so make FAQ available on website via BOT.


Get Attention


Make Suggestion


Capture Lead

Intuitive, Modern & Highly Customisable




Mobile & App Friendly

Easy to Deploy

Easy to Customise

Easy Discoverability

BOT Support

SEO Boost

Integrations Supported

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Steps to integrate FAQ BOT to your website

Step 1

Signin and Create your account.

Step 2

Get your explicit URL.

Step 3

Connect explicit url to your domain.

Step 4

Create relevent Q&A and Articles.

Step 5

Generate BOT code for your FAQ.

Step 6

Integrate BOT code to your website/app.